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Why Laitolya Tours & Safaris?

Experienced Local guides

With a team of local experts, with 10+ years of
guiding experience, who know the culture and the nature of this golden land,
we will take you places that will leave a footprint of a lifetime in your mind.
Having designed and managed safaris for our guests and travel agents for
over 42 years, we can assure you an adventure filled experience.


Tanzania is a welcoming country with friendly people from all
walks of life, and throughout your stay with Laitolya Tours & Safaris you can be
sure that you will experience the warmth from more than just the sun. You will
feel at home in our company and others from the various places and cultures
we interact with.


We sincerely respect other cultures and beliefs, and our doors are
open to anyone from all corners of the earth. Let’s experience each other's
ideas and embrace each other's differences. Laitolya has believed in the
beauty of cultural exchange from the very beginning.

Pre-Designed Tours

Laitolya Tours & Safaris are created
to fit your schedule, price range and tastes. We are committed to making sure
your ideal getaway comes true and will do everything in our power to meet
your needs.


We take the safety of our guests & partners seriously. Laitolya Tours
& Safaris is dedicated to prioritizing your safety in these uncertain times since
we understand that you need to feel at ease to really enjoy your safari.


It is our passion to serve you diligently with professionalism and
indulge your wants and whims with our unique services, which accommodate
diverse cultures and are led by a great team.

Tailor Made Tours

See Tanzania on your terms! Every step of the way, we
are here to assist you in planning your own unique and unforgettable
Tanzanian adventure.

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