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The Great Hikes

Mount Kilimanjaro

Africa’s highest peak (5895) hardly needs an introduction. An exhilarating and unforgettable experience is had by everyone of all abilities summiting this outstanding landmark. Mount Kilimanjaro is made up of three volcanic cones - Shira, Mawenzi and the snow-capped Kibo.There is more than meets the eye when it comes to the mountain; the surrounding area consists of a montage forest with relics of old vegetation and a significant number of grand mammals, colorful birds and interesting insects that call it home. It’s not just what you see but how you feel, and with five different climate zones: cultivation, rainforest, heather and moorland, alpine desert and finally the top of the mountain’s arctic zone, you are sure to feel it all.

Mount Meru

The second highest peak in Tanzania, Mt. Meru is a dormant volcano that lies nestled north of Arusha. Mt.Meru is a good place to prepare for the task of tackling Mount Kilimanjaro. A trek up Mt.Meru offers a taste of what can be expected at its bigger counterpart, but should not be underestimated. The walk around the rim of the mountain is one of the most spectacular walks in Africa.

Ol Doinyo Lengai

Ol Doinyo Lengai in the Maasai language means “Mountain of God”. This active volcano situated south of Lake Natron, is the only mountain in the world that produces natrocarbonatite lava. The effect of this unique eruption is a volcanic landscape vastly different from anywhere else in the world. A truly magnificent feat of nature and a demanding and steep mountain to ascend. Be prepared for a highly rewarding challenge.

Usambara Mountains

The Usambara Mountains are filled with luscious panoramic views all around. You will be left in awe of the sights that unfold before you walking through the mountains and amongst picturesque villages dotted within them. The biodiversity of the Usambara Mountains is vast and varied with many plants and animals not seen in the National Parks. The Usambara Mountains will draw you into its marvels with its lush greens and cool climate.

Mount Hanang

The fourth highest mountain in Tanzania, Mount Hanang is located in the Manyara region. With a steep incline and high elevation, the climb might leave you short of breath but can be done in one day and is very much worth the incredible views from the summit over Katesh and Lake Balangida.


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