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Getting off the beaten track of grand safaris and beach side lounging, Tanzania offers a variety of activities and cultural excursions that further cement the beauty and breadth of life Tanzania has to offer and speaks to its history. Laitolya Tours and Safaris are happy to tailor your trip to be able to embrace different pastimes while exploring Tanzania.

TPC Sugar Cane Bike Tours

If cycling is what takes your fancy, then a day to the TPC Sugar Cane plantation is right what you need. Enjoy a cycle from Moshi Town along the countryside towards TPC club where you will be served a delicious lunch to round out the 21km bike ride. The rest of the day can be enjoyed at your leisure, walking around taking in the scenery, swimming or playing tennis or golf. The choice is up to you.

Lake Chala

Though to be one of the deepest inland bodies of water in Africa, Lake Chala is a freshwater caldera lake located to the east of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is a stunning untouched part of a truly ancient land and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Take a walk amongst its lush flora and fauna and get back in touch with nature. For keen watchers, birds are plentiful around Laka Chala and raptors in particular are many and spectacular. Laka Chala is perfect to visit for a day of swimming, walking safaris and canoeing.

West Kilimanjaro Forest

If it’s spectacular scenes you want to see and learn the beauty of what the land can produce, the West Kilimanjaro Forest plantation is a wonderful area to venture to. Take a day trip to see the natural ecosystem and different wild animals such as monkeys, baboons, white and black colobus, buffaloes and elephants. For those on the tourism route, West Kilimanjaro Forest plantation is home to several bee-keeping initiatives worth getting involved in. Adventures abound in walking and horseback safaris through this beautifully overgrown and hilly landscape.

Mangi Meli

A hero of the former Tanganyika colony, Meli was the mangi (chief) of the Wachagga in 1891. Mangi Meli was seen as a threat to colonial rule and after forcing German soldiers to flee in 1892 after a two day battle, he was defeated and captured in the battle to follow. In 1900 Mangi Meli and 18 other chiefs were accused of plotting against colonial rule and were hanged in front of their people. Mangi Meli's head was severed and taken by German forces to study, and is yet to be returned for final burial rites - a fight his grandson, Isaria Meli, takes on till today. Visitors can explore the Old Moshi area in which the Chieftain lived and see the statue erected in his honor next to his execution tree. Take time to understand the rich legacy of Chaga resistance to German colonization.

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